Ray seen here with his Weril Spectra II tenor, in custom gold finish. Ray hand-selected the instrument during his visit to the Weril plant in Franco da Rocha, São Paulo, Brazil in 2003. Ray visited the factory again in 2006, and played the new Supremo line. Well-named, indeed; these saxophones have been refined and are now ready to compete on the international scene. See pics here.

It's a solid horn with a fat, warm sound. The intonation is excellent, and the color of the sound lends itself equally well to jazz, blues, rock, and of course, Brazilian jazz!

Ray plays a Selmer Super Action 80 Series I alto, Antigua Winds soprano, Buffet R13 clarinet, Gemeinhardt flute/alto flute, Armstrong piccolo, and various indigenous flutes from Brazil, China, and India.



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