Faculdade Souza Lima

Master Class & Show at Bar Ao Vivo

Master Class

Master Class2

On The Stand @ Bar Ao Vivo

w/Renato Farias

w/ Mario of FSL

w/ Mario & Marcelo

(of Ao Vivo)

Faculdade Souza Lima invited Ray to give a Master Class following RiOrleans' performance at SESC Paulista.

Thanks to Mario and the whole team at FSL!

It's a great school, and in addition to a dedicated faculty and ever-growing facilities,

they have a partnership with Berklee in Boston. Students entering FSL can study jazz for two years, and then transfer

(with no loss of credits) to Berklee for two more years. What a deal!

That evening, Ray and three of the students played at Bar Ao Vivo in Moema, São Paulo capital. Marcelo made sure

everything went smoothly, and the students proved what a fine school FSL can be!